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The “penalty” will not be triggered on the following annual deadline, and consequently the premium will not increase. However, 50% of the fault will be noted on the risk certificate. If an additional accident with 50% liability occurs in the following five years, the penalty will be triggered. From the best lawyers you can now find the perfect choices. If you were injured in a car accident, visit https://philly-injury-law.com/ for a free consultation. We work with them and suggest the service for anyone who suffered an injury in a car accident.

  • What if the value of the damaged vehicle is lower than that of the necessary repairs?
  • How much is due to the injured person?

Especially if the damaged vehicle is old, the repair cost may exceed its commercial value. In this case, the insurance pays the repair up to a maximum amount corresponding to the current value of the vehicle. The best lawyer can guide you out there now.

If the injured party decides to buy a new vehicle, he is entitled to a sum as follows: value of the old vehicle, costs for scrapping it, registration costs for the new vehicle, road tax limited to the part not yet enjoyed. For the car accident lawyers near`me this is important. In this case the law firm works perfectly.

How Is The Material Damage Quantified?

The material damage normally equates to the costs necessary for the repair of the damaged vehicle and is therefore very easy to quantify. To this amount must be added any towing costs with the tow truck. In the case of particularly long repair times, an additional daily compensation is provided for the so-called “technical stop” (compensation for unavailability of your vehicle), determined on the basis of parameters such as the value of the vehicle, the model, the engine capacity, etc. Instead of the daily compensation, you can ask for a refund of the costs incurred to rent an equivalent vehicle. From the truck accident lawyer this is important. From the law firms now you can get all the supports.

How Is The Harm To The Person Quantified?

The harm to the person depends on the severity of the injuries sustained. For each day of total incapacity for work, the injured party receives compensation or a daily allowance the amount of which is currently around € 47.49 (depending on the activity carried out by the injured party). If the injured person has suffered such serious injuries that a reduction in his working capacity is foreseeable in the future, this type of damage is also compensated. The best attorney can take care of you in every possible manner.

If a permanent invalidity between 1 and 9% is ascertained, the compensation is established by precise indications of the law based on the age of the injured person and the relative coefficients. In the event of permanent disability of 10% or more, the damage is assessed according to specific tables of the various courts. The quantification of the damage and the determination of the degree of disability are carried out by a medico-legal expert. From the best attorneys you will be having the smartest solution in this case.

In the event of a very serious disability, the injured party has the right to further compensation (for moral damage and more). The use of the legal steps is essential now.

The company offers an amount that is not considered appropriate. How to behave?

If the offer does not seem appropriate, you can accept the amount of the compensation as a down payment and ask the company to supplement the amount that is deemed due. NB: in many cases the VAT on repairs is refunded only if the damaged person proves that the vehicle has been repaired by showing the relative invoice. A personal lawyer is the most important factor here.

If the damages are only material and minor, should they be compensated for out of your own pocket?

The person responsible for a road accident that causes only minor damage to things (e.g. the breaking of a rear-view mirror) should never compensate the injured person on the spot by paying money out of his own pocket. Any damage, even the most negligible, should be communicated to your insurer, who will take care of the liquidation. Subsequently, if at the expiry of the annual premium you want to avoid the application of the contractual penalties due to this claim, there is always the possibility to reimburse the insurance company. If the damage has been liquidated by the insurance with the direct compensation system, to find out the amount, contact the Clearing Office. If direct compensation has not been adopted, the insured must instead apply to his own insurance company. To better evaluate the convenience of a possible reimbursement of the accident to your insurer, you can use the “claims calculator” of the CTCU. You can go for the lawyer near me.

What Is Legal Protection Insurance For?

This type of policy is especially useful in the case of road accidents with foreign vehicles. If you want this coverage for your vehicle, it is however advisable to take out a separate policy from the RC-auto, by contacting a company specializing in the branch, so as to prevent possible conflicts of interest.

What To Do In Case of Disagreements With Your Insurance Company?

In the event of a dispute with your insurer, there is no need to file a lawsuit immediately. In the first instance, the insured person may attempt a settlement, that is, an out-of-court solution to the dispute that has arisen. In this regard, there is an agreement between the consumer organizations and ANIA (National Association of Insurance Companies) for the TPL sector.

When Is The Right To Compensation For Damages Prescribed?

The right to compensation for damages is prescribed in two years, except in the case that the fact constitutes a crime (e.g. negligent injury), in which case the right is prescribed in 5 years (NB: this is not the deadline by which must be filed with the insurance company).

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